It is the glory of God to conceal a matter, but the honor of kings to search it out. Proverbs 25:2

10/3/21 - In 2 days

BillWeather – More Prophetic Dreams – Monthly E letter

On October 3rd 2021, I had a dream I was seeing the start of an earthquake. An oil well had burst and I heard it was a nuclear blast. I saw the oil tower shaped like the old Houston Oilers emblem and then the oil platform started to fall. I then saw a huge church steeple fall to the ground. I had to get out of its way as it was falling where I walked, Then I saw another tall structure fall to the ground. EOD

I’m not sure if it was this dream or another dream right after this one, but I heard “in 2 days.”

Is this a multi interpretation? In 2 days is October 5th, the date in my California Yom Kippur dream. I never expected a literal in 2 days, but understood it as figurative, for October 5th 2022, but also, this could be a general timing for something in 2023, for sept/oct 2023, in 2 years = 2days, synchronizing with the biometric countdown dream, to watch for huge events in 2023.

I remain watchful for this interpretation for watching 2023 without being too hardlined, since this is just one of 2 dreams giving me signs of it. God has been adding plenty of 2024/2025 signs of WW3, but this 2023 time of other events is fairly new to me, so I remain careful.

The oil tower burst and then fell. I'm on watch to see if this is a decoupling from oil and thus, the collapse of the US dollar? Or the start of its collapse?

A church steeple collapsed right where I was and I had to get out of the way of its collapse, signifying the collapse of much of the corporate big church out there.

Another structure fell after the steeple, a building, which may symbolize another structure to our economy.

This is a very real life situation that could come. The California mega quake taking out a huge chunk of the economy, would lead the government to print up trillions more and thus, enter us into a time of deep dollar troubles, leading into currency collapse and economic structures falling… And all the big Christians ministries dependent on donations, fall as well, with the collapse of the steeple.

Oh God, prepare us to help one another thru these tribulations coming!

In Christ, Weather